The importance of Jet Rodding for tailing facility maintenance

Jet rodding is a process that utilizes large volumes of water under very high pressure to literally scour the walls of the drainage system, and is an important part of tailing facility maintenance. Drainage systems regulate the phreatic levels inside the TSF to safe levels ensuring the dam safety factor is compliant. In the case that the drainage system is blocked, causing flow restriction and increasing the phreatic level on the TSF. Blockages are primarily caused by algae build up, objects or small animals which become lodged in the drainage pipe.

We unclog, fix and open blocked drains utilizing our high pressure jetting system which cleans the drain walls. We use high-powered rodding equipment; there’s no matching application where the high pressure jet provides a more intensive clean. While our power jet rodding machinery can cut through and remove almost anything, our high pressure jetting system can clean the inside of pipelines. We put our experience and quality service to work for you.

Jet rodding depends on the ability of high-velocity jets to dislodge materials from the pipe walls and transport them down the drain. Water under immense pressure hose is placed in your drain and dislodges the unwanted materials on the walls.

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