Cyclone Engineering Projects supports the following projects and SMME’s

Lutails is a newly formed engineering institute which Cyclone engineering Projects has been supporting for several years now. The owner Lula Tshongweni is the engineering consultant for the company and has proved to be an asset for our company and are pleased to support such young up and coming companies in South Africa.

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Madoda Zondo Taxi Services
Provides taxi services to Cyclone Engineering Projects employees based in Stilfontein, Khuma and Kanana

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 Young Legacy
Cyclones Engineering Project support an initiative of young people who invest their skills, talents and qualifications in the development of young people from previously disadvantaged groups. Their initiatives are focusing on the following: Donate A Library Initiative aimed at donating books and building a library for critically struggling schools in rural areas. – I Love Education Initiative aimed at encouraging scholars to focus on their education to build a bright future for themselves. – Spot The Difference Initiative aimed at motivating scholars to see that they are the difference needed in their communities and to actively play their part in improving their surroundings. – Big Sister Campaign Young ladies having girl to girl dialogue with young girls about challenges they faced growing up female and how to conquer female based challenges keeping their focus on building a secure future for themselves. – The Mentor Young career driven women having one on one conversations with high school girls on the pursuit of a career. Mentoring them on goal setting, not allowing relationships to be a distraction and academic focus for tertiary applications.

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Sparrow Enterprises
Cyclones Engineering Projects partnered with the organisation in order to provide education to the underprivileged.


 Galatasery Footbal Club

Cyclone Engineering Projects has establised a relationship with Galatasery Football Club. The football is formed with the aims of giving back to the community. The children in their community are surrounded by alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gangsterism and violence and we want to change that. They  want to teach the children in thier community that there is more to life than all this negative things that they are faced with in the community.  

The soccer team so that the children can have something to do after school and over weekends. In order for this organization to be successful.  The youth of today is the leaders of tomorrow lets empower our future leaders.

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Frangipani School is a Non-Profit Organization established in 1992 and is currently serving the needs of less fortunate children. Cyclones Engineering Projects funding is used for day to day necessities of children.


Hannan Church Services

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