5 Benefits of Return Water Dams

Return Water Dams are beneficial for a multitude of reasons in various contexts and industries. Cyclone Engineering Projects assist in creating controlled water efficiencies through Return Water Dams.

Here are 5 definitive benefits of return water dams from Cyclone Engineering Projects:

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Why you should use Cyclone Engineering Projects for all of your Civil Engineering Projects

As we look across the key mega-trends shaping the context of our civil work industry, we know that change is required in the way we consider major infrastructural projects. Those mega-trends include:

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Why you should make use of professionals for your Civil Works

Civil works is an engineering profession that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as, dams, canals, drainage systems, railways, pipelines, etc. It is, therefore, important to use professionals, like Cyclone Engineering Projects for your civil works. There are a few factors one should consider when hiring a civil engineering company.

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Why you should choose Cyclone Engineering Projects for all of your Hydraulic Re-Mining Projects

Cyclone Engineering Projects is passionate about delivering an elevated approach of sustainability and professionalism.

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Why it is important to maintain your Siphon Decant System

Cyclone Engineering Projects is passionate about providing the highest calibre of standards of services to a multitude of industries and clients. A siphon decant system has an alternate decanting system to the penstock or barge operation on the tailings dams.

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The importance of Jet Rodding for tailing facility maintenance

Jet rodding is a process that utilizes large volumes of water under very high pressure to literally scour the walls of the drainage system, and is an important part of tailing facility maintenance. Drainage systems regulate the phreatic levels inside the TSF to safe levels ensuring the dam safety factor is compliant. In the case that the drainage system is blocked, causing flow restriction and increasing the phreatic level on the TSF. Blockages are primarily caused by algae build up, objects or small animals which become lodged in the drainage pipe.

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The importance of Hydraulic Cleaning

Cyclone Engineering Projects makes use of the hydraulic reclamation guns. This includes 2 inches, 4 inches and 6 inches that can be incorporated for different project requirements. It should be noted that in order to maintain functionality of operations, hydraulic cleaning should be a top priority.

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All about Penstock Decant Systems

A penstock is a water control gate that controls or regulates flow. Penstocks may also be known as Sluice gates or stop gates, and they are designed to regulate flow, divert, level control or isolate. We specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of custom penstock decant systems at Cyclone Engineering Projects.

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All about High Pressure Monitor Guns

High pressure monitor guns allow the monitor, regardless its size, water volume or pressure, to be easily moved, both horizontally and vertically, resulting in less strain on the drive components. The versatile design allows maintaining the desired position. Literally hundreds of horsepower of water pumping capacity can be handled by a touch of the finger.

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