All about High Pressure Monitor Guns

High pressure monitor guns allow the monitor, regardless its size, water volume or pressure, to be easily moved, both horizontally and vertically, resulting in less strain on the drive components. The versatile design allows maintaining the desired position. Literally hundreds of horsepower of water pumping capacity can be handled by a touch of the finger.

We provide high-quality high pressure monitor guns for mining and other industries. Hydraulic monitors are efficiently utilized within the mining industry for various applications including:

  • Hydraulic mining, for waste and tailing reprocessing or for tailing logistics


  • Ore excavation, by utilizing high-pressure jet of water, to the dumping site


  • Hydraulic extraction, for excavating and logistics of coal or other materials, by means of water


  • Hydraulic discharge, to direct discharge of surface water from the saturated zone and drainage


  • Mineral processing, for gravel and sand lifting to the drainage level in the gold mine, where the water pressure creates a powerful suction in a dump hopper and carries the gravel and sand to the processing plant


Our high pressure monitor guns are exclusively designed to balance water pressure within the gun itself to the degree which provides perfect single operator control, regardless of the water volume being handled.

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